Sunday 19 April 2009

Snack attack!

You’re sat at your desk, it’s been a long and stressful day and your stomach is rumbling. You could indulge yourself with a snack but you think it’s best to wait. However, although you may feel guilty about a mid morning or afternoon treat, snacking doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact a healthy snack, such as fruit, can provide you with that little boost of energy you need to get you through the day!

Fruit contains different types of natural sugars, some giving you a burst of energy while others offer a more slow and sustained release. For example, grapes release sugar much faster than cherries even though they contain about the same amount of sugar and energy overall. Eating a banana is also quick and effective way of lifting your energy levels. Bananas can give you the kind of immediate energy rush or sugar hit that you might get from chocolate but in this case it’s a healthy one, which is why this fruit is often the snack of choice for people participating in sports or training.

If you find tempted to snack because you’re bored (at work surely not!) or are effected the “3pm slump” resulting in feelings of tiredness and de-motivation, it may be because you are dehydrated. Fruits like watermelons and oranges are great at providing much needed fluids for your body.

So the next time you find yourself slaving away at work and hunger strikes, a fruit box will provide you with a healthful choice of snacks just a few steps away!

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